August 10, 2007
National Jai-Alai Association (NJAA) releases new logos
Our Cancha

The National Jai-Alai Association (NJAA) has released their new logo's - one for the non- profit association itself, and one for the new St. Petersburg court.  The creative, colorful logos will viewable on their new web site which is now under construction.

The new association logo features the letters "N J A A" with a jai-alai player catching a pelota in front of the letters.  The slogan "The world's fastest game" is included.  

The new St. Petersburg court, the first public court ever built by a city or municipality, has it's own logo that features the word "Jai-alai" with eight jai-alai baskets in a circular motion.  The eight baskets are the same colors that the players wear in their standard post positions.  Under the word "jai-alai" is "St. Petersburg Cancha".  For those new to jai-alai, the word "cancha" is a special court made just for jai-alai that has three walls.