August 19, 2007
NJAA looking for alternatives to high netting costs
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The NJAA is looking for alternatives for the netting/fencing of the court. Two estimates have come back very high - much higher than our budget will allow.

The first estimate was for a 40' foot high fence/netting to surround the court. The second estimate was for 20' high fencing around the walls only, and that quote came in over budget, too.

The NJAA will be meeting again with the city to explore options. It is imperative that some kind of protection is in place soon. One option would be to see if Progress Energy could install several poles on the top of the walls and add netting to it.

In other news, the court is to get a major paint job - three coats of a darkish colored green. This is expected to be completed within the next 30 days or so.

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First EstimateSecond Estimate

Overhead View of Court