August 28, 2007
Front wall painted a dark "jai-alai" green - balance of court to continue today
Our Cancha

The St. Pete Jai-alai court's front wall was painted Monday with two coats of a dark green paint and was greeted favorably by several players who showed up that evening. The dark green chosen is perfect for the outside court, making it very easy to pick up any color ball - yellow, orange, white or whatever.

All the players Monday night were very happy with the color, and complemented that it was much easier to pick up the ball.

An additional coat will go on the front wall. The "foul" area at the moment is a light green - a primer that is 50% tint of the top part of the wall. Two more coats of paint will go on the foul area. The exact color (it is usually red) has not been chosen yet.

A thick metal strip was added, so there is little doubt about a throw being too low.

A primer coat on the balance of the court was scheduled to take place Tuesday, August 28th The cement was poured in the blocks just a week ago on the back wall and the new section of the side wall, so we need to proceed with caution on the final painting steps.

Because the court paint job started ahead of schedule, the NJAA's new preliminary brochure, which would have featured photos of the court with its "cement block" color look, has been delayed for awhile.