September 04, 2007
Corky appearance draws a record crowd
Our Cancha

An appearance by former Tampa pro player Corky drew a record crowd of about 30 people to the court Tuesday night. Corky was unable to play, however, due to a shoulder injury. He did show up with his brother Bobby, also a former pro player of 15 years and was very impressed with the court and everything the NJAA has done.

Corky said he will help out in any way possible, and hopes to play next Tuesday along with another former Tampa pro player, King.

Corky and Bobby A record crowd was on hand A record crowd was on hand

NJAA Director Paul Kubala with Corky and BobbyCorky and Bobby check out the St. Pete court"Our" Corky (NJAA director Tom DeMint) meets the REAL Corky!
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