September 10, 2007
Big crowds at St. Pete jai-alai a common site now
Our Cancha

With the building of the first jai-alai court ever built by a city nearing completion, the crowds every night are swelling to "record" numbers. It is now not uncommon to see 15 or 20 people show to play, with several onlookers watching the action.

Never in the 20 plus years people have playing in the area have numbers like this show up. Plans for leagues and tournaments are underway, and will be posted soon.

As you can see, the court has been painted all a dark green. There still is one more additional coat of the dark green to go up. The back side of the walls will all be painted, too. The lower part of the front wall will be painted the traditional red shortly.

A new brochure will be available shortly, and press releases and official invites about the court and its grand opening will be underway later this week as we expect to get the November 10th date finalized any day now from the City of St. Petersburg.

Again, as a friendly reminder, please be careful when playing, as the fencing and netting is still not up yet. Talks with the city were delayed last Friday due to the terrible circumstances of the city councilman.

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