September 13, 2007
Grand Opening postponed till March
Our Cancha

The NJAA board of directors last night voted to postpone the Grand Opening festivities until March of 2008 - about 6 months from now.

The decision was made because of the uncertainty of the court getting completed in time and being able to focus on promoting the grand opening at the same time.

No new date was been announced, but we will announce it soon after we contact some key people we want to attend. This will give the directors more time to get everything finalized properly.

Two main steps on the court need to be completed - the netting and fencing to surround the main court and the three practice courts. The other main step is the flooring needs to be completed too. Another $5,000 was raised to help cover these expenses, but additional funds most likely will be required. We should know more about the exact amount required in a few days.

Fundraising tournaments, donation rallies and sponsorships will be announced soon. In addition, the NJAA will announce some kind of a membership program to the association . Those topics will be addressed in the next board of directors meeting.

In other news, the lower part of the front wall was painted red, to more resemble the jai-alai court. Additional coats of paint will go up on both the green and red areas soon. The back of the wall will be painted the same green color.

When entering the parking lot, you will be able to tell this is where the jai-alai court is.