December 4, 2007
St. Pete Jai-alai court
improvements resume
Our Cancha

The first substantial progress in two months of the construction of the St. Pete Jai-alai court took place last week. A one-hundred foot long sidewalk, going from the parking lot to the courts entrance was poured. The entire exterior of the court was painted the same dark green color as the interior.

There are, of course, basic cosmetic additions in which the NJAA has planned for the overall appearance of the court. Still to come are extensive netting and fencing that will "enclose" the main court and the three practice courts that are adjacent to it.

The fencing/netting project is a major project. The entire complex will feature 10-foot high fencing along the exterior "viewing/sideline" area. This fence will be the same high quality that was just installed around the surrounding tennis courts and behind the three practice jai-alai courts. The jai-alai court itself will have extended fencing and netting to it. The front wall fencing will extend up to 14-feet high with an "angled" design to it. This fence will be extremely durable to handle wild throws that miss hitting the front wall. A special netting, ten feet high, similar to those found in a batting cage, will run along the side and back wall of the court.

In addition to the netting/fencing project, the entire flooring will be resurfaced with material like a tennis court.

NJAA official are confident that this project will progress substantially in the coming days, with a goal of completion by the end of the month. This the feedback we have received in two recent meetings with the city council.

Once NJAA officials feel the jai-alai court will be completed, its Directors, in conjunction with the Neighborhood Association, the St. Petersburg City Council and Major Rick Baker will announce the grand opening date. Then at that time, leagues and tournaments will be formed and the excitement will begin!

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