December 05, 2007
City Council to vote Thursday, December 6th for funds to complete jai-alai court
Our Cancha

As reported in today's St. Petersburg Times, the St. Pete City Council will vote tomorrow morning, December 6th, to award the National Jai-alai Association $30,000 in funds to complete their public jai-alai court. The funds would come from the city's Weeki Wachee reserve, that is intended for parks and recreation projects.

The NJAA donated $10,000 to convert a small area of Puryear Park from handball and tennis practice courts into an amateur court in June. The court was completed in September, but before plans to allow leagues and national tournaments to take place, the area needs to be enclosed with fencing and netting. This will ensure safety for all nearby and for spectators. Soccer and tennis courts surround the jai-alai court that hundreds of children and adults use daily. There are also three practice courts in addition to the main one.

NJAA officials meet again with the City Council, the Mayor and other high ranking officials last night confident of an unanimous vote in their favor. In fact, Paul Kubala, a director of the NJAA who has spearheaded this project for five years now, received a plaque from the city for his hard work, determination and persistence in conjunction with the Neighborhood Association.

Be sure to check the NJAA website with results on the City Council vote tomorrow. The vote is expected to take place in the morning.

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