December 20, 2007
Perfect Game! St. Pete City Council Approves Additional Funds
by 7-0 Vote!
Our Cancha

The St. Petersburg City Council unanimously approved additional funds to complete the first amateur jai-alai ever built by a city or municipality in the United States. The vote came at 5:42 pm and was by a 7-0 vote.

An additional $29,432 in funds will come from the city's Weeki Wachie Reserve Fund, intended for construction of new parks and recreation. An additional $10,000 will go toward maintenance for the next ten years.

In early January, NJAA officials will meet with the city on plans to complete the jai-alai court. The majority of the $29,432 will go toward court resurfacing and extensive netting and fencing to make the court safe for spectators and nearby tennis and soccer courts.

The vote only took about 25 seconds to finalize. The vote can be viewed from the website. On December 6th, the vote was expected to take place, but the City's legal department required an "official resolution" be written up. This was done on Tuesday, December 18th. The vote this Thursday evening was a formality.

NJAA expect to court to be completely closed for much of the time the work will take place, expected to be at least two weeks.

With this critical step in place now, NJAA officials will begin the formation of leagues and tournaments and memberships for the association. They will also soon announce the Grand Opening Day, now expected to be in March or possibly early April.

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