January 24, 2008
Extensive Netting and
Fencing work completed
Our Cancha

The St. Pete Cancha has a whole new look with the extensive netting and fencing surrounding the court to make it safer for everybody. The $20,000 project (estimated at this point) was completed yesterday and enjoyed by about a crowd of 20 Wednesday evening.

Players were pleasantly surprised at the massive netting and fencing work that took place. When you are playing the world's most dangerous sport, precautions to make the court safer for others around was our number one concern.

Several people that play tennis and soccer in the surrounding area were at risk of getting hit by a wild throw. With the high 25 foot fencing and netting above and around the court, the chances of this happening now would be very rare.

The pace of playing picked up substantially with the court enclosed. No more running for the balls that could easily go in any direction.

We would like to thank City Councilman Bill Foster for his help in getting us the funds to complete this important phase of the court. Next will be court resurfacing and then additional lighting.

We will keep you posted on those updates shortly.



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(click pictures to enlarge)