April 14, 2008
St. Pete Cancha now
officially complete
Our Cancha

The St. Pete Cancha, the first municipal jai-alai court in the United States, was officially completed tonight as the newly installed lighting was adjusted to the players recommendations.

The court, which began with work commencing on June 18, 2007, received all new netting above the front wall and the large area separating the main court from the three practice courts. Additional support bars were added, too. The area looks much "cleaner" and safer. All this work was done last week.

The three practice courts also were painted the "jai-alai" green as the main court. The under and over serve wording was painted on the court's side wall.

Previously, the additional lighting was installed as well as the players/spectator bench outside the court.

Only a large sign, to be posted on the outside wall as you enter the court, will be hung just before the grand opening. The sign, approved by the city in a meeting last week, will be the "St. Pete Cancha" logo.

The court looks magnificent - to say the least! Great job everybody!!!

Top netting addedLarge screen replaced with new reinforcement bars

Practice courts painted a "jai-alai" greenBench added for players and spectators

Additional lights added for better night playJai-alai court now ready for play