September 25, 2008
St. Pete Jai-Alai Cancha / NJAA Initial LEAGUES
& Tournament INFO
Our Cancha

The St. Pete Jai-alai cancha and the NJAA will be hosting its first tournaments if the following proposal garners interest and players sign up to participate:

All ideas are subject to NJAA approval and changes can be made at anytime to accommodate as many people as possible (i.e. starting times, dates, a specific rule, etc.).


The league

Doubles play

There shall be up to 10 players in each of these two initial leagues we are forming. If 10 players do not sign up, the league can be either – 8 or 6. The amount of players in the league must be an even number. If 6 players do not sign up, the league will not run.

There is no league designation (i.e. - A, B, rookie league) at his time for these two “trial” leagues.

If the league has 10 players, you will be designated either frontcourter or backcourter for this league only. You will play 4 games – one with each of the other frontcourter/backcourters as your teammate.

If the league has 8 players, again you will be designated a frontcourter or backcourter position, and play 3 games – one with each of the other frontcourters/backcourters.

If the league has 6 players, again you will be designated a frontcourter or backcourter, and play 2 games – one each with the other frontcourters/backcourters.

For example:

Frontcourters Backcourters

Chip Chris

Pizza Dave Thomas

Mark Laca

King Luis

Chip would play one game with Chris, one game with Thomas, one game with Laca, and one game with Luis.

Chris would play one game with Chip, Pizza Dave, Mark, and King.

Singles play


At the conclusion of the doubles round, there shall be a round of singles.

All of the frontcourters will play to a 15-point singles match, and then all of the backcourters will play to a 15-point singles match also.

The dates and ball used

There shall be two new leagues:

Monday night leagues will start at 6:35pm.

The session will run 3 weeks – October 6 th , 13 th and 20 th .

The ball used will be the Tedrick V ball.

Friday afternoon leagues will start at 3:00pm

The session will run 3 weeks – October 3 rd , 10 th , and 17 th..

The scoring

All points are single. The game ends when a team reaches 15 points immediately. All total points accumulated by each player on a team will be rewarded with those points. In other words, if a game was played where King and Corky had 15 points, followed by Pizza Dave and Baby Pizza with 10 points, and Matt the Mummy and Chris the Kidd with 8, King will be awarded 15 points, Corky 15, Pizza Dave 10…and so on.

If a team wins the game, they get the 15 points PLUS a bonus of 5 more points – for a total of 20. In this case, King and Corky would collect 20 points, Pizza Dave 10 and so on…

With 10 players, or five teams, there would be 4 games in doubles play– each player will play with each of the other frontcourter/backcourter, meaning that it is possible for a player to win all games that day/night for a total of 100 points (5 games x 20 possible points - including the one singles match)

At the end of the 3 weeks, the player with the most points wins the tournament.

The Cost and Prizes

Each week, a fee of $5 will be due before the match begins. You can also pay the $15 upfront.

Jeff “Laca” Conway will be the initial “League Director” for these two leagues. The break down of where that money goes is as follows:

40% goes to the winner

20% goes to the player who comes in second place.

25% goes to the NJAA for administration fees

15% goes to the league coordinator

The “League coordinator” will be a position that the NJAA will be seeking to help run additional leagues to be formed. This director will be compensated 15% of the total gross receipts for his efforts. We will explain more shortly on this position.

Additional leagues will most likely have a sponsor – like Winghouse, Hooters, etc. The winner would get cash and a gift certificate - of say $50 - to the restaurant.

League rules


Strict rules will be in effect for these leagues.

All players awaiting their turn must be out of the way of play at all times. The frontcourters must stand in a area inside the “under serve” area. The backcourters must stand in an area beyond the serving line – closer to the back screen. No other players (not playing in the league) or spectators are allowed on the court during game play. No exceptions. Only the referee can be on the court.

All players must stand in the correct order they were eliminated. Failure to stand in the correct order will result in a loss of playing that round. Failure to not stand in the appropriate area awaiting your turn and interfering with the team on the court will result in a loss of point for your team. This will be enforced if inference is ever called.

The team coming up to serve must always call out his point score. The team coming up to receive must also call out his point score.

If you are designated as a frontcourter and wish to play the backcourt (and vice-versa) in any given game or volley, you may do so if your teammate agrees with you. In other words, if King, playing in the front, has problems serving and can't get the serve in, he may swap positions with his teammate at any one time.

The league will appoint a judge who will make the final decision on any point scored in the game. He may consult will other players on the sideline for input on a call, but he always makes the final decision. This judge will also keep score of the games. If no judge is available, the players on the sideline must act as judges themselves. Players will share in keeping score.

There will be a 3-minute break in between games.

Former professional players are welcome to play, as long as they have been retired for the past 10 years.

Any player, who does not show up to play, will get zero points for the day. In doubles play that means the other assigned frontcourter/backcourter will have to play by himself. So it is important, if you sign up to play for those three weeks, you show up.

If a player has to leave for any reason during the game, he may come and go at anytime. When he is gone, he forfeits all points in singles play, and in doubles, his partner must play by himself. For example, Gino and Castanos are playing as a team, and Gino gets nailed in the nose with the ball and has to leave. He can come back later and rejoin at any time. Or say Luis got stuck on the bridge coming to the court from work and will be late. Play will begin as scheduled, but doubles play will go on without him.

This is why this trial league at first is only three weeks long – to give it a test and tweak it if needed. Rules can also change during the three weeks if all players agree to any change in the rules.

Your $5 weekly fee must be paid prior to beginning of league play each day. Failure to pay will result in a suspension until paid in full. You will not be allowed on the court and unable to play in league play again until paid in full.

League notes

If the Tampa Bay Rays are playing during the time and date of the league, it shall be postponed one week and played the following week. Several players have interest and may be attending these games. In other words, the league would finish a week later. Any weather issues will postpone the league for the week also.

The league coordinator


NJAA officials have posted various announcements looking for volunteers to help the association out. As you can see on the message board, these pleas have drawn no replies at all. Most people don't have the time, and with the economy as it is with gas prices, the sad real estate market, lack of jobs, we can understand. Thus, I am proposing this job, as a league coordinator, needs to be reimbursed for helping out. The job does not pay much (if there are 10 players, he will collect $5 a week for his efforts) but it should help build our leagues.

The job entails the following duties:

* Sign up the players to be in the league. You will be able to use this website.

  • Keep in contact with them during the duration of the league with any news, updates.
  • Collect the fees and turn over to the NJAA
  • Make sure there is an official scorer
  • Post scores on the website or turn the score sheets over to the NJAA
  • Distribute prizes at the end of the tournament
  • Make up the rules and formats of the league


Our player Anthony has supplied me with some ideas on tournaments. Please review them and let me hear your feedback.



Email or text me – and you are in! First come, first served. Once we are filled for each league, that is it. I will keep everybody posted on the “Message Board” as players sign up!


Monday nights 6:35pm Tedrick ball 3-week session – Oct 6, 13, 20

Friday afternoons 3:00pm Lacrosse ball 3-week session – Oct 3, 10, 17



Jeff “Laca” Conway



Proposed Tournaments

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