October 21, 2008


Our Cancha

The first NJAA league action started last night in St. Petersburg, home of the nations very first municipally owned jai-alai court. Eight players participated in the event that included a scorekeeper and referee.

The league will run for three weeks on Monday nights starting at 6:35pm. Players are classified as either frontcourters or backcourters. You then play 15 point games against each other player. In other words, if you are a backcourter, you would then team up with one each of the other frontcourters to a 15-point game. Once 15 points is obtained, the game immediately ends; the winning team will collect those 15 points plus a bonus of 5 points for winning the game. All other players finish with whatever their score is.

With 8 players in the league, there was 4 doubles games played. Once that is completed, there is a singles game of the backcourters, followed by a game of the frontcourters. Those singles games are played to 15 points also, again with the winning player collecting an additional 5 points.

Each player contributes $5 weekly to the jackpot. Of this, 40% goes to the person collecting the most points after the three weeks, and 20% goes to the second place finisher.

All night league action will use the Tedrick ball.


Monday, October 20, 2008 Results


Game 1 doubles 15 points

George/Mark 15

Tedrick/Laca 10

Chip/Mike 6

King/Chris 3


Game 2 doubles 15 points

King/Mark 15

Tedrick/Mike 13

George/Chris 10

Chip/Laca 10

Game 3 doubles 15 points

Chip/Mark 20

George/Laca 8

King/Mike 8

Ted/Chris 6

Game 4 doubles 15 points

Tedrick/Mark 15

Chip/Chris 10

King/Laca 8



Game 5 singles 15 points (backcourters)

Mark 15

Laca 9

Chris 6

Mike 5


Game 6 singles 15 points (frontcourters)

Tedrick 15

Chip 9

George 6

King 4


Attn: 002 Handle: 000 Time: 1:51 82 degrees clear


TOTAL SCORES AFTER WEEK ONE (remember, the players on the winning team get an extra 5 point bonus for winning the game) :


Mark 100 (5 wins)

Tedrick 69

Chip 55

George 51

Laca 45

King 42

Mike 39

Chris 35

Cancha notes: The event started on time at 6:35pm and ended at 8:26pm……Perfect weather to open the season with……Mark was the big star player tonight – winning all 5 of his games – for a perfect score of 100 points……this league is a good test to rate all the players as both singles and doubles play take account….the three weeks is a good test in work out any “bugs” in the format and to schedule it to keep everybody happy, which as we all know, is not easy……I would like to see a full season played in one of these leagues, like 38 weeks or something, so if you missed a week or two, you could collect points like in a bowling league with the handicap…..Players seemed happy with the league action, and we hope word of mouth gets more attention and people wanting to sign up… Also would like to see kids leagues, senior leagues….I am still looking for league coordinators, where you run a league (and get paid too!)….you set the hours, rules, league format, everything………Hard to believe, just 5 miles away from the cancha, and 20 hours ago, the Tampa Bay Rays won the American League pennant! …..Week two is next Monday at 6:35, with game 5 of the World Series (if needed) that night in Philly…..The league will not be delayed because this game is on the road, and our league should be ending by the time the game starts……Chip and Mark signed up the morning of the league, just in time for the deadline….Luis did a great job as a referee and scorekeeper…..Fred was the frontcourt judge……Hundreds of soccer kids were watching the action while coming and going to play their game….tell me what sport is more exciting…..