November 04 , 2008

TMark wins first
NJAA League Event

Our Cancha

Mark is the first winner of the NJAA league event. Here he is collecting his share of the winnings.
Dinner at Bern's is on him! Mark snagged 12 wins out of the 15 played, scoring 277 points out of a possible 300!
The 3-week test was a total success, and a new league has already been “sold out”
and is now accepting players on a waiting list.

Chip returns a rebote in action in The last game of the league Monday, November 3 vs. George. Scorekeeper Luis and frontcourt ref Fred look on.

Tedrick came in second place and promptly donated his full share of winnings to the NJAA to purchase a new pole.

Monday, November 3 scores Game 1 Mixed doubles 15 points
Chip/Mike 15
George/Mark 11
Tedrick/Laca 10
Chris 9 (King)

Game 2 Mixed doubles 15 points
Tedrick/Mike 15
Chip/Mark 13
George/Chris 11
Laca 8 (King)

Game 3 Mixed doubles 15 points
Mark 15 (King)
Chip/Laca 8
George/Mike 8
Tedrick/Chris 6

Game 4 Mixed doubles 15 points
Tedrick/Mark 15
Chip/Chris 8
George/Laca 6
Mike 4 (King)

Game 5 Singles backcourters 15 points
Mark 15
Mike 10
Laca 5
Chris 5

Game 6 Singles backcourters 15 points
Tedrick 15
George 13
Chip 8
(King) 0
Scratched: King. Time – 2:13 Attendance: 005 78 degrees clear Handle $000.00

FINAL STANDINGS Monday Night League I
Week l 2 3 Total points Wins
Mark 100 93 84 = 277 12
Tedrick 69 55 61 = 185 6
Chip 55 69 57 = 181 4
George 51 56 49 = 156 3
Laca 45 54 37 = 136 1
Mike 39 35 62 = 136 2
King 42 41 41 = 124 2
Chris 35 38 39 = 112 0

Cancha notes …………….Mark won 12 of the 15 games he played in, pretty impressive. He snagged 277 out of a possible 300 points….everybody seemed pleased with the way the league play went….One possible flaw in our league- Mark being a backcourter can help out other frontcourters score more points, thus giving them a slight edge in total scoring – even if it is only for one game…with new format you can improve your choices of your position (front or back) based on how quickly you joined league….this would mix up people being a frontcourter and a backcourter and even out the league a bit…..nice weather again….Tedrick donated his full winnings share of second place to the NJAA – a very nice gesture – toward a new pole…Laca can get them wholesale, however additional funds may be required on top of Tedrick's donation…the pole is used to snag balls that lands on top of the netting…the one we had was missing this week, even though broken from a couple of months ago….any idea on how to save the new one from getting stolen? It seems stupid to put a new one out there only to get robbed?... All kinds of mischief go on out there on weekends after the lights go out…..plus aluminum must be worth something…..new league has already formed for Monday nights and is booked solid of 10 players with a waiting list – something the NJAA dreamed about all along…..now we need someone to help out on rookie or beginning leagues and get a new generation hooked on jai-alai…..

Monday Night League II