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Jai-alai’s newest star players

While our own Eric Pignataro and former Tampa star player Scott King will be playing at the Orlando Jai-alai fronton starting March 9th, we have two new emerging girl players – 22-year old Angela Topf and 12-year old Ariana Garcia have been hitting the court on a regular basis, learning the great game of jai-alai.

Angela graduated from USF last year and is now going after her Masters to be a veterinarian. Ariana attends Seminole Middle School, where amateur jai-alai was played by several players (including former pro players Tedrick, Chris and Paul) for over 20 years.

Angela has developed a strong forehand already, but like all beginners, is still learning to catch more consistently.
Good luck girls!

RB Challenge In Orlando Saturday 02-18-12

Game #10 Backcourt Singles: Lopez Perfect Game
Results: (7) LOPEZ - (3) ALLIEZ - (6) ENBIL

Game #11 Frontcourt Singles:
Results: (7) GOICHOETXEA - (1) ZULAIKA - (2) OLABE

Egi Scratched in Game #12 after serving one point.

Game #13 Doubles Championship:

“Laca” one of first to sponsor pro jai-alai with banner on wall.

One of Laca’s products, ScaleBlaster is now featured on the actual Orlando Jai-alai court.
There is also a ½ page ad in the program.

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St. Pete Jai-Alai Court
Dedication a huge Success

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America’s first public jai-alai court opened in St. Petersburg April 19, 2008 with a big court dedication ceremony and a ‘Merry Festival’ like atmosphere.
Click any link below.

Story and photographs of the event
WSPF-TV broadcast of Court Dedication
FOX-13 live broadcast “Charlie’s World”
(long version)

FOX-13 live broadcast “Charlie’s World”
(short version)

CBS-10 6pm and 11pm newscast reports
St. Pete Times article (printed version)
St. Pete Times article (on-line version)
Official City of St. Pete invitation
NJAA Court Dedication Flyer
NJAA 5-page Press Release
20-page Presentation booklet
“Home video” of court dedication

Video of court ACTION!

(click picture to view video)

After years of hard work and determination, the NJAA is proud of it's first accomplishment - the City of St. Petersburg is the first municipality in the United States to build an amateur jai-alai court for public play! Plan on joining us for our "Merry Festival"

Jaialai Theme

City of St. Pete City Council Meetings and Events

St. Pete City Council Meeting on
December 6th, 2007 on Jai-Alai

St. Pete Jai-alai court

Perfect game! St. Pete City Council on
December 20, 2007
approves additional jai-alai funds by 7-0 vote!

St. Pete Jai-alai court

The Innovation and Persistence Award is given to Paul Kubala of the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association and the NJAA
Innovation and Persistence Award